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20 years of Qlimax: House of Cherries (English)


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Qlimax is a huge event production that many hardstyle fans dream of visiting. The theme surpasses other parties and it is one of the many elements that Qlimax is so famous for. Often many do think about the stage design but regularly oversee an important aspect. The costumes, make-up, and complete decoration of the artists. This is where House of Cherries comes into the picture because they are an indispensable facet of the overall picture.

House of Cherries is a creative full service, artist, and production company offering original entertainment. Their performers are at the most diverse festivals. Although there was no connection with the music itself, a love for the culture of the harder styles has developed. Founders Janne Mooij (right) and Marije Rokebrand (left) have been providing various productions alongside Qlimax for years. They are present at the famous Defqon.1 POWER HOUR, Decibel Outdoor, Intents Festival, Mysteryland, and Harmony of Hardcore – just to name a few.

Marije focuses more on the production side, where Janne completely surrenders herself to making all the different attributes. Janne explains their working method of designing and making the Qlimax costumes. “We received a flyer for the 2019 edition with an idea from Q-dance how they would like to see the design. They would also make a mood board with photos that reflect the theme, including a photo of a woman in a beautiful, long dress.”

De flyer from the edition from Qlimax 2019. The main head element is circled on the left, because the costumes were based on this.

“You understand that the scene is dominated by male artists. So it is up to me to interpret this and translate this into a male version. This can sometimes be a bit unclear because there is not always a lot of direction being given. On the other hand, this gives me a lot of freedom.”


She produced all supplies for Qlimax within a time limit of three weeks. Many elements have to be taken into account, including the freedom of movement of the DJs. Their heads and hands must be free to perform. They also have to think about what the DJ looks like at the very back of the GelreDome. All 27,000 visitors must be able to see the styling from all angles and sides. For example, one of the costumes had large horns on the shoulders (which could also be taken off quickly if desired).

MC Villain his costume (with horns)

A special exception is made for MC Villain. A separate costume is being designed for him. Michael Brons is the only one who comes to the office / studio in Amsterdam to try on his outfit. The other DJs only see the complete picture on the evening itself. “I always send them out in the hall, so other people see the costume and compliment the DJ. Sometimes the DJs can still be a bit unsure about what the big picture looks like.”

Keltek (Sven Sieperda) & MC Villain (Michael Brons)

Production feature film

This year an atypical edition of Qlimax took place. The various elements of the audiovisual journey, which premiered on Saturday 28 November, also included the major production of the feature film. Janne mentioned: “For this production I received a list of clothing requirements per artist from Q-dance. Because this feature was filmed at different times, I had different deadlines per DJ.”

“Of course this differs from the normal protocol, where everything has to be finished at one exact moment. I have had the extra time to combine new techniques with the new things I come up with in order to achieve something really cool. I made a beautiful arm piece for Sefa in this way. ”

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House of Cherries

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Mandy van der Donk
Mandy van der Donk
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