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20×20 Throwbacks: House duo Milk & Sugar


It was certainly a nice round number, otherwise, 2020 was mainly a year to quickly forget. Probably, we will not do that anytime soon. Corona had a devastating impact on nightlife. We can only hope for an improvement in 2021. TIOH asked 20 DJs, organizers, and other industry leaders to look back and forward with us, based on 20 questions and statements. In part 18: Michael Kronenberger (Mike Milk) & Steven Harding (Steven Sugar), better known as the house duo Milk & Sugar. They are German house music producers and record label owners (based in Munich). From 1997 onwards, they have been in the music scene. Milk & Sugar became famous worldwide with their 2000 era house classics ‘Let The Sun Shine‘ and ‘Love Is In The Air‘. “We are confident that we will see full capacity festivals again in Autumn!”

1. Describe 2020 in one word.


2. Why?

“We have not been able to travel and play for the last 9 months and needed to think about new strategies to reach our fans”, says Milk & Sugar.

3. How has this year changed you?

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“We discovered a lot of outdoor activities that you can do on a free weekend. For example, hiking in the mountains.”

4. What have you learned the most from?

“Online webinars.”

5. Biggest success of 2020?

“Established a weekly live streaming event on our Facebook and Instagram pages every Thursday or Friday.”

6. Quote of the year?

“Stay healthy and stay safe.”

7. Talent of the year?


8. Album of the year?

9. Track of the year?

“For us, there have been a few great tracks, but not the one that stood out of all the others. If you only need one track, we for sure think ‘Deep End’ from John Summit was a big one.”

10. Best event(alternative) of the year?

United We Stream.”

11. Highlight in your private life?

“We learned how to cook and improved our skills in barbecuing.”

12. Have you had corona yourself or did someone close to you have? How did you experience that?

“Fortunately, we don’t know anyone in person who had corona, but some people around us lost their grandparents.”

13. How hopeful are you about the return of events in 2021?

“It will probably take until the Summer season for outdoor events, but we are confident that we will see full capacity festivals again in Autumn!”

14. What is your best advice to Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte?

“On us, he makes a good impression, and I am pretty much sure he needs no advice from Germans.”

15. Are you getting vaccinated?

“100% sure, as we expect that it will become mandatory for flying.”

16. What if you could see (ahead) one day in the future, which day would you choose?

“Christmas with the entire family and seeing everybody healthy.”

17. Who would you like to work with again?

“There will be a few guys…”

18. What will be your smashing finale of 2020?

“Our Best of Classic House livestream.”

19. Best reason to look forward to 2021?

“Meeting friends again around the world!”

20. In addition to the above, what question should we absolutely ask you, and what is your answer to that?

“Which football team do you support?”

And the answer from Milk & Sugar: “The best team in the world is Bayern Munich.”

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