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20×20 Throwbacks: Trance-artist Shogun


It was certainly a nice round number, otherwise, 2020 was mainly a year to quickly forget. Probably, we will not do that anytime soon. Corona had a devastating impact on nightlife. We can only hope for an improvement in 2021. TIOH asked 20 DJs, organizers, and other industry leaders to look back and forward with us, based on 20 questions and statements. Interview number seven from the series is completed by Andrew Chen, better known as trance-artist Shogun. He was the first American-Asian DJ to sign with record label S107 / Armada and was #93 in the DJ Fact Top 100 this year. “Having some peace made me focus again, and it brought me back to my roots.”

1. Describe 2020 in one word.


2. Why?

“Because of all the terrible things that happened this year – pandemic, fires, people going crazy…you name it!”, says Shogun.


3. How has this year changed you?

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“At this point, I’ve accepted everything that’s happening and have been just staying at home. On one hand, it sucks to see the nightlife and entertainment industry struggle, but on the other hand, it gives me more time in the studio to focus on being creative again as a producer.”

4. What have you learned the most from?

“I learned a lot about myself. Having some peace made me focus again, and it brought me back to my roots.”

5. Biggest success of 2020?

“I released my third album ‘Black & Gold’, and had several releases on Sony which I am happy about. Also, I ranked in some top positions on DJ ranking charts, so I’m stoked about that!”


6. Quote of the year?

“Let go.”

7. Talent of the year?

“David Guetta.”

8. Album of the year?

9. Track of the year?

10. Best event(alternative) of the year?

“Tomorrowland Virtual Festival.”

11. Highlight in your private life?

“Renovating my house. I redid/upgraded/updated my studio, kitchen, living room, and everything to make it more futuristic and modern!”

12. Have you had corona yourself or did someone close to you have? How did you experience that?

“I never had it, but a few of my friends have gotten it. It’s always terrible to hear that kind of news.”

13. How hopeful are you about the return of events in 2021?

“I think we will rebound around Spring of 2021. We will come back with a vengeance!”


14. What is your best advice to Mark Rutte?

“Enjoy a nice joint every once in a while.”

15. Are you getting vaccinated?

“Yes, but not the first round! I’ll probably wait a few months and then go for it.”

16. What if you could see (ahead) one day in the future, which day would you choose?

“I would choose a lottery drawing day and then fill in the winning numbers.”


17. Who would you like to work with again?

Emma Hewitt is a great vocalist. I think she would be great to work with on another tune!”

18. What will be your smashing finale of 2020?

“I’ll celebrate with a Dom Perignon bottle, that 2021 is here!”

19. Best reason to look forward to 2021?

“The vaccine, nightlife and club life, and touring hopefully! Let’s get the world back to normal.”

20. In addition to the above, what question should we absolutely ask you, and what is your answer to that?

“Did you score a Playstation 5?”

And the answer from Shogun: “Yes, I have one!”


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