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Interview: Shane Codd scores a hit in Europe with his first single


Irish Shane Codd recently made his breakthrough with his first single named Get Out My Head. This song is among the top in a wide variety of foreign charts. In the Netherlands, Dutch radio station 538 awarded it with their Favourite. Dutch dance station SLAM! awarded the song with the GrandSlam!

In this interview, we talk to the talent about his beautiful debut, his passion for music, but we also get more information about upcoming releases and other plans.

How did you start making music?

“Being from Ireland, most people go to college or work when they finish school. I went to college and was doing a course that I didn’t like. I knew I wanted to be a DJ and producer because I loved music so much. About four to five years ago, I started making music and DJing and knew this was what I wanted to do with my life. I’m very happy and grateful that my dream is coming true.”

I always dreamed of being a dj and a music producer

Where do you receive your inspiration from?

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“I always dreamed of being a DJ and a music producer as I loved music so much, Avicii and EDM DJs from the 2010s inspired me. I would watch the 2013 Tomorrowland aftermovie for hours on end and go to Avicii gigs in Ireland when I was 16. I take inspiration from a lot of sources, another big inspiration of mine was Conor McGregor, because he showed that you could go against the odds and chase your dream.”

What is your working method in the studio?

“I usually start with a vocal and build a track around that. Sometimes I’ll get an idea for a melody and work from that. Sometimes I can be in the studio all through the night until the AM.”

How does it feel to score a hit with your first single?

“I’m delighted and blown away with the reaction for this track. I really want to keep going while releasing more music that I hope people will also love.”

Did you ever expect this track to be a big hit in Europe?

“I never thought it but I am delighted it is growing in Europe, as this place is such a stronghold for dance music. It is my dream to play in Europe.”

What is it like to suddenly hear your track everywhere?

“Amazing! It’s crazy to hear it on radios and people sharing it all around the world. I’m very grateful.”

What can we expect from you soon and what are your plans for the future?

“In the next few weeks, I hope to release a remix of a really big artist. I will be releasing my new single early this year so I am excited for that and after that, I want to bring out more tracks. Along with that, I hope to play gigs in Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Europe. It is my dream to see people having a good time and dancing to the music that I make and play.”

Follow Shane Codd on his Twitter and Instagram if you would like to stay up-to-date.

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